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Default Advice on a new build

Hi hardware Canucks,
my MB has recently died and I'm thinking of buying a new system. Since I had a A8N-e S939 with an Opteron 175 and I wan't to build an Intel system using DDR3, I think I have to pretty much start from scratch. I will only keep my old harddrives (seagate .7s).

This computer will serve mainly for gaming and some multitasking work involving Photoshop and othe work-related software.

I live in Montreal and usually buy my parts at This would be my third homebuilt system. My budget is around 2000 $.

I usually prefer NVIDIA video cards because of the better and frequently updated drivers although I could be tempted by the new ATI/AMD offerings. I am interested in moderate overclocking if it is not too much of an hassle (my current system is overclocked).

Here is the initial list of parts I am thinking of:
  • EVGA E-GEFORCE GTX 260 Superclocked 602MHZ 896MB 2.052GHZ GDDR3
  • Gigabyte GA-EP45T-DS3R ATX LGA775 P45 DDR3OC 2PCI-E CrossFireX SATA RAID Sound GLAN 1394 Motherboard
  • Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Dual Core Processor LGA775 3.0GHZ Wolfdale 1333FSB 6MB
  • OCZ Platinum OCZ3P16004GK 4GB DDR3 2X2GB DDR3-1600 PC3-12800 CL 7-7-7-24 Dual Channel Memory Kit
  • Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1000GB 1TB SATA2 7200RPM 32MB Cache NCQ Hard Drive OEM
  • PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Quad 750W ATX V2.2 EPS12V 24PIN SLI Active PFC Power Supply Black
  • Samsung SH-S203N Black SATA DVD+RW 20X8X16 DVD-RW 20X6X16 DL18X/12X Lightscribe DVD Writer OEM W/ SW
  • Antec Nine Hundred Mid Tower Gamer Case 900 ATX 9 Drive Bay No PS Top USB2.0 1394 Audio
  • Scythe Ninja 2 6 Heatpipe Heatsink AM2 LGA775 S754 S939 S940 W/ 120MM Slipstream Fan
  • Samsung SyncMaster 2253BW 22IN Widescreen LCD Monitor Black 1680X1050 8000:1 DVI VGA
I picked a Gigabyte MB because of all the problems I had with my ASUS A8N-E (bad chipset fan, memory incompatibilities, bad BIOS versions). Unless there were strong improvements in customer service and support, I don't want to buy ASUS again. I am aware that the board I picked is a crossfire board but it was cheaper and I don't really plan to use to video cards. Would it be better to go for a EVGA 780i board?

Thank you in advance for you help!
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