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Originally Posted by cadaveca View Post
Um, P5K-e? with one 16x slot, and one 4x slot? Yet another bandwidth bottleneck? How is that any different?
Different from what?

It has NOTHING to do with the length of time for the frame to be displayed. It has everything to do with all the drawn frames not being displayed, and what you describe is a DIFFERENT problem from Microstutter, and hence alot of the confusion.

Yes, the behavior may appear like Microstutter, but that problem you describe is quite different from Microstutter with 2x 16-lane PCI-E 2.0.
I experienced both micro and non micro stuttering induced by CF limitations as well as chipset limitations. I know what microstuttering is..

And yes it has every bit to do with the length of time between frames displayed, you just described what I said in a different way.

you're not the only person on the planet that understands what microstuttering is...
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