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Originally Posted by Dashock View Post
What is the max volts 24/7 that these 45nm chips can handle im gonna be using the E3110 Stock voltage of is 1.225 and well from reading around the web they say only go max .20 above that. And btw do you really notice much of an impact between 4.0ghz and 4.5ghz ?
In day to day stuff you aren't going even notice a difference between 3.0 to 4.5 :P

I'm just one of those people who likes to push to see how far I can go before I decide to stop or see smoke or hear a loud bang.

For the 45nm chips 1.4v is perfect for 24/7 day to day functions.

I'm leaving this 8600 at 1.5v because I know by the time its ready to die there will be another chip out for me :P

Water cooling will keep temps MUCH cooler than air cooling for most processor. The ambient temps in my office right now is insane.
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