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Originally Posted by MpG View Post
Damn, these 45nm chips just get bitchy past 4GHz, don't they? What kind of cooling were you using?
Were? Am.

True 120 Extreme with 2 120x38mm fans open air :P

Sitting at about 72 celsius right now hahaha.

But yes once you get them over 4.2-4.3 they start to really hate you.

my 8400 could do 4.3 but preferred 4.2.
this 8600 can do 4.5 but prefers 4.4

And if you think about it..

8400 = 3.0ghz = 4.2 overclock
8600 = 3.3ghz = 4.5 overclock

Got the same overclock out of them just one needed a crap load more volts and runs hotter

So my original thought still sticks.. right now for the best bang for buck the 8400 is the best dual core out there.

But I'm also wondering if my Abit board is limiting this processor.
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