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Alrighty then! So I got it... And it's freaking huge, freaking heavy and Freaking Hot.
But before I get into any of that (it's still running it's first 3DM'06 loop) I need to ask an important question to any owner or reviewer of a 4870X2. Has anyone heard a loud whine/screech sound from the card itself when starting something GPU-intensive? When I started the 3DM06 loop as soon it got into the first test there was a whine for the card. "WTF" i said to myself... So I look in, thinking it may be one of my numerous fans.... I slow them allllll down to near-stopping RPMs, the sound disappeared. I thought to myself "okay, one of the bearings is dead, no biggie". But then with the next GPU test, the noise comes right back again. "WTF" i said to myself again. This time I used the tip of my finger on the fan hub of the 4870X2 to slow the fan down, still the same noise. The noise is coming from the Electronics on the card?!?!?!?! I can't think of any other explanation. This noise has never occured before in my system... it's something new (aka the 4870x2).
What do I do?
Is this normal?

Please answer back, I don't want this thing possibly frying itself in my system.

PS: 3DM06 @ default settings = 12k.... Sigh. Bottlenecked to the max. it seems.

EDIT: There is actually a small constant noise coming from the card, like a fan clicking against something lightly but continuing. It is constantly there so long as the card is under load...
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