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I have another sponsor !!

3.0charlie (merci Jean ) has graciously sent me the silicone I need , FOC .Thanks bud ! You (and your better half ;) ) have also helped me learn a great deal about adhesives , and I appreciate that a great deal.

Cheers !!


I was in the workshop for most of the day.

The steel fabrication is well underway.Here's the raw materials :

From that , I have made the first of 3 , 2"x9" saddle unions.WTH is that yer asking..... a saddle union is designed to connect a larger pipe to a smaller pipe.Like this ;

This is the 'tank side' connector of the solvent recovery system ;

I've cut the top plate ;


At this point I'm gonna toot my own horn for a sec.I managed to pull of a near miracle of a cut , with a 16" makita chopsaw , cutting .220 wall steel pipe.This is a 70 degree mitre ;

That was not easy.I had to actually mod the chopsaw , and actually 'press' the blade into the work , by hand.It's a perfect cut too.

That has allowed me to start the top end of the venting system ;

Those pipes will be mitred to bend down.They connect to the 'saddles' on the recovery tank.

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