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I use the Sidewinder. I have no experience with other gaming mice/mouses so I can't make comparisons there.

I can say that it is large and comfortable. I love where the forward and back buttons are placed, one above the other. You need to lift it fairly high to stop it from tracking. It tracks well on my desk surface, cloth mouse pad, book, lap, wherever. The scroll wheel feels good and the 3 individual buttons for switching DPI on the fly are easy to reach. I have not tried the macro thing out so I can't comment on that.

I originally ordered a Cyber Snipa mouse at NCIX but they never got them instock so I changed my order to the Sidewinder. I like it a lot even though it is a little strange looking. It definately feels different from the Logitech mice I've owned but for me that is not a bad thing but you might want to feel it in your hand before purchasing if you can.
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