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currently most isp's do have their own equipment but not in the CO's. Bell basically owns all the big infrastructre and rents it out to the resellers / wholesalers. I believe bell does ofer a colo service in their co's if you have the cash and the equip-ment but they are usually so packed with bell equipment it isn't financially feasible considering the cost of dslam equipment. I the ong run we all get screwed for our internet as it has to on either bell, shaw/rogers/cogeco, or video tron. However one thing that i know some people have been doing is buying to 2 dsl lines from my isp and then bonding them with tomato/mlppp and considering the low cap per line is 200GB and the only other plan right now is unlimited :) alot of people have been doing it. Well except me since i loath linksys products and there is no mlppp option for my netgear.
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