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Thanks ! and welcome to the forums.


If your goal is only sub-ambient , ie 'refrigerated' temperatures , you do not need to use Isopropanol , and I would fully recommend against it.

Using a flammable solvent for cooling is dangerous , and the only reason I'm doing it , is because I want temperatures lower than -60 c .

Now , there are other (non-flammable) liquids capable of operation at these temps , but generally they are very expensive . For me , the cost of running one of these fluids like 3M Fluorinert is far greater than for me to fabricate saftey mechanisms to run a nice cheap alcohol.


Propan-2-ol , aka Isopropanol , Isopropyl alcohol , Iso , IPA , rubbing alcohol ....

As far as pumps/hoses /etc , I don't think you can run normal 'watercooling' materials with pure IPA....Plastics and IPA don't always play nice together.
The pump I'll be running is all 316 stainless steel , all my lines are copper , and the seals where required are silicone.


Mini fridges or freezers are not designed for continous heat loads like a computer.It might work at first , but you'll end up burning it out.

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