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"On vehicle for delivery" . Joyousness shall occur when I get home from work. Will post 3DM'06 scores as soon as I'm done drooling, lol. We'll see just what kind of bottlenecking my system has.

@ MpG: Yeah, dual-core vs quad-core will definitely give you a big boost in the CPU section of 3DM'06. Also, even though my motherboard was a V.High model when I got it (Crosshair) it's still about 4-5 Nvidia chipsets behind the curve. Perhaps with a new motherboard AND a Phenom X4 my benchies will show the most improvement. More than likely I'll bench first with the new card, then upgrade to a 9850 Phenom and bench (Crosshair Bios 1103 is supposed to support it) then finally replace the motherboard for a crossfire one and bench that setup.
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