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Default Wow....Just Wow....

Just made an account to say congratz, this is the kind of stuff dreams are made of.

After reading this, a few ideas came to mind for a not quite advanced version, basically just running refrigerated Isopropanol.

Few questions that you might know the answer too.
1. What kind of standard pump could work for pumping iso at temps between -5C too about 5C? Would a standard MCP-655 work? Or would I be looking at getting my hands on something a bit more specialized?

2. Would it be better to submerge everything in iso? If so, would just a standard heatsink be fine with the fluid flowing through it? Or, would it be better to submerge everything, then run another loop with a WC block to the CPU/NB/GPU?

3. Where can I get my hands on a few jugs of Isopropanol? Would Isopropyl work?

4. What kind of standard tubing could be used? PVC, silicon? What would be my best bet?

5. Could I pump the iso through a rad mounted inside of a standard bar fridge, or mini freezer? Maybe grab a Fezer 480, or something around those lines.

I wish there was someway I could assist you in this endeavour, I move out too Calgary at the begining of September and if ya need anything let me know. I can always see what I can do.