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Default Using AsRock Untied Overclocking with an Intel SP79K ?


Is is safe and worth the trouble to activate the Untied Overclocking capabilities of my AsRock P4VM890 motherboard with an Intel SP79K Prescott HT 2.8 - 800 1M processor ? Processor temp rating is 69.1C. This beast already runs 10-15C hotter than a Northwood 2.6 with a standard CPU cooler. It is fast, but I don't want to fry it !!!

It currently runs at 46C with peaks of 54C, thanks to my new Zalman Ultra Quiet CPU cooler CNPS7700-ALCU (120mm controlled fan). It used to run 10C hotter with the standard intel CPU cooler. I only need the run the CPU fan at 1300RPM to keep the CPU and motherboard at that temp. I don't even need to run the case fan right now because the Okia Aluminum ATX 600W Power Supply I use has two very quiet fans that create enough airflow for now. It may be different in hot summer days.

I am not a gamer. The most demanding job I do is MP3 and MPG file editing, downloading MP3 files and backups ! I think the benefit of overclocking could be compromised by a much higher noise level from cooling fans, which is why so many of you guys go for liquid cooling solutions, right ? Is it worth the risk and trouble ?

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