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Question E8400 Core temps - OCZ Vendetta 2 cooling

Hi all, I picked up the Vendetta 2 for my build on an Asus P5Q Pro MB, E8400 stock clocked in an Antec 900 case. So far I am very happy but I do have one anomaly. My core temps are about 10 degrees different. Core 0 shows about 48C at idle and Core 1 shows 37C. I used CoreTemp to read the cores. I am using Speedfan to read the other temps and adjusted it to read the same core temps as CoreTemp. I updated the MB to BIOS 1104 and my readings are:

Case - 32C
CPU - 24C
Aux - 15C

I ran Prime 95 on max temp and blend for 10 min, not a big test, just a quick one, and them split remains pretty consistant, though it does creep closer. After the 10 min the temps were 55C and 48C and stayed pretty solid. The CPU reading upped to about 36C and stayed solid too.

After all this, I am wondering if my heatsink is just not installed correctly? I did check before I mounted the MB in the case and all four pins were through and all 4 pins had the little black centre pin visible. That is my indicator that all are seated. I used the recommeded method to apply the paste, 2 lines on the aluminum as per the linked article in the review.

Am I just paranoid? :) Opinions welcome!

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