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Originally Posted by fratchwaggon View Post
well the issue im seeing right now is hotels. if you dont hav a place already then you need a car to get from the event to the hotel. and im sure parking will not be cheap. I think seatle need to improve there size to allow pax the room they need. blame seattle city hall for not planning this ahead of time. Additional arman will not be able to head down so im suck bussing or rideing the train to get there then using the seattle bus system to get from a hotel 5 miles away. Tis not fun.

hmm when is PAX again?? I would LOVE to go down (as with many other 'localish' LANs) unfortunately my work schedule usually conflicts as my boss likes to treat it like it's written in stone.
But if I can get the days off then I have a car available and you guys (Fratch, Jane, and Paul) are welcome to tag along as long as you pitch in for gas...

EDIT: hmm as far as hotels go, have you guys considered staying at a hostel? They're kinda fun. Sorta like communal hotels. It saves a ton of money and I personally really like the atmosphere...

it's $25/bed or $75 for a (4 person?) room. HI - Hostel HI - Seattle, Vashon Island Youth Hostel
That's the closest one to Seattle.

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