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Hey everybody i am new @ this forum my name is jojoharalds Casemodder from iceland,
I hope you enjoy my content (please feel free to ask or comment )

Hi everyone and welcome to my Buildlog

My name is Jojoharalds and i am a 30 year old modder
from iceland.i hope that you will be
Enjoying this build as much as i do
Now lets get into the Details.

The Idea – conzept-theme

Due to the release of both a movie and a Pc game
of my all time Favourite Pc Game
I was thinking of doing a somesort of tribute build
to celebrate this year of Hitman 47.

Colours :Black Red and white. (i know those are
the usual colours,(but i think for this Build i can let it go.))

The Hardware. (most of it i do have but some
new ones will be added along the process))

The case that was choosen for this build is The Define S
,wich is a beast of a case for watercooling
From Fractal Design Hwo where so kind and
sponsored me with one of there new line
Thank you Fractal Design


CPU:Intel 4790k 4.9Ghz
RAM:Corsair Dominator Platinum OC 2133Mhz@1,6v
MB: Asus Maximus VII Hero )
GPU:Asus 7970 DCII Crossfire OC 1228\1720mhz
PSU:Corsair HX1000i
HDD:Western Digital Black 2TB
SSD:2 x 120GB Samsung 840 pro RAID0,
2 x 120GB Corsair Force LS RAID0,


CPU:Bitspower Nickel –summit ef

RES:Not decided yet
(really want to go custom on this one)
FITTINGS:Primochill Revolver Silver
(these most defenitely suit the build)
Silver Ballers"
TUBING:PETG or Copper with a Paintjob
PUMPS:2-3 x Alphaclool VPP655
(with EK D5 X-Top Acetal Pumptop )
RADIATORS:EK Coolstream PE 240mm,EK
Coolstream PE 360mm,EK Coolstream XTX 360mm,
BlackIce GTX Extreme 360mm Or something new (hwo knows)
Bitspower Full board waterblock for
VII Hero With Bitspower armor (Suit up style)

Now let´s get started

Now lets start on the Presentation of this badboy of a Case from

Fractial Design


Coolermaster HAF X Aya Green Lantern
Thor D3sk V2
Blue Devil
Proj3ct Cut3 Furb
Albus Aurum Cuprum
Define S 47
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