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Originally Posted by Arcygenical View Post
Hm, first off I'd recommend
As your RAM, were you to upgrade :p

And yes, core0 generally does complete workunits faster for many other reasons, the simplest being that windows processes are handled via Core1, as Core0 is pegged at 100% with a process of equal priority. There are also other reasons too, such preferential treatment of Core0 accessing the NB and RAM, but those effects are very tiny anyways.

Orthos works like FAH, it'll do whatever it can with the processor time it's given... Windows, however, sees that core0 is pegged at 100%, and defaults to running processes on core1 whenever it can manage.
That was the first choice when this system was first designed , but because of budget restraints something had to be cut, and at the time this was configured that ram was just a little higher in price, unfortunately methinks the wrong component was chosen. Just going to have to live with the decision made and make the best out of what's there.

How much longer should Orthos run before the tweeking of the memory is started? Should that be done with Memtest in dos and for how many passes to deem stable.

Bear with me... this is my first attempt at overclocking, and still learning new things all the time from surfing the net
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