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My System Specs


Originally Posted by geokilla View Post
Upp the vdimm, vcore. Check for system stability at stock settings.
Done - that is the first thing I do when installing - I have 2 identical systems and both were run through burin for RAM, disk, gfx and CPU, and stability is rock solid at stock settings. The ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe is defiantely an overclocking board, there are tons of OC features in the BIOS that I you don't see on other boards. A thought occured to me, perhaps the fact my CPU is a 90nm, 2MB L2, maybe the Brisbane G2 62nm are easier to OC, who knows. I expected to at least get my 5600 to 3.0/3.1. Guess not ;)

Lower the RAM divider till you're done overclocking. Oh, and don't forget to lower that HT multiplier. Always keep the HT bus below 1000 Mhz.
Yeah that's been done too :)
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