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Default BOINC - Can't Acquire Lockfile

Alright I'm new to BOINC and already having issues... Can't Acquire Lockfile is my issue. This is the error message i get when things fail.

Here is what I know

"A Lock File is a small file, usually of zero length (empty) that is used to indicate a running process or ownership of a directory. The use of a file in this manner is to prevent two running processes from modifying the contents of the directory at the same time.
The first process, as part of its initialization, will open a file, usually named lockfile (go figure), for write access. Because the file is open for writing, any other process that wishes to use that directory will likewise try to open a file with the same name and the file create will fail. This signals the second process that it does not have exclusive access to the directory. "

Now I read here:
Can't acquire lockfile - exiting - Unofficial BOINC Wiki
That to stop this issue I have to delete the lock file and reboot... so my question is where is the lock file, because I can't find it, thanks.
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