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Heheheh.........yea weekly statement...heh

Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
Ok. I'm writing this while still at work. Some (bad) news:

1- I just can't find a freakin' Report in this Company. My Engineer remembers seeing a M&P Report about RTV157 being tested down to -95C, with success. Now, were is that Report? He's looking for it. But since RTV157 is dirt cheap (you can buy it at Canadian Tire - same stuff)..
Ok , 'the stuff you buy at Canadian Tire' that you speak of , I assume , is GE Silicone II ?

Interesting.That's what the original tank is made from.I know for a fact it's Iso resistant.

I've actually found rtv157 locally ,but if I can confirm they are in fact the same thing ,thats good to know.I'll get some glass strips on order and do some tests.I've got silicone II in the workshop.


As far as # 2 goes , Motherboards or any other PCB are generally not affected by IPA.It's one of the approved solvents for cleaning them.

I have aready done some minor tests....perhaps you remember this. hehe

Thanks again John ! , I'm quite curious about the whole silicone thing.

edit : I just checked the prices.They can't be the same thing , RTV157 is ten times the cost of GE silicone II , @ 33$ per 82 ml tube.Not that I'm complaining , thats still totally reasonable.
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