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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Dirty dishes; fast food containers and god knows what else.

And they have a gf? Wow.
2 dirty cups and a glass... and tim hortons cups... hmm yup .. as for the rest, those get cleaned at the end of the night.. my gf lets me have my space in the house as i let her havehers and trust me she gets pissed about the room, but says nothing cause it is my area

on the desk;
8 hd's
1 pisces cup
LotR 2 Two Towers collectors edition with smeegal
darth vader... and the swg game
3 dragons
3 Main Boards gigabyte, msi and chaintech
7 peripherals; sound cards, ethernet, etc
Alpine dvd player for one of the cars I own, but I keep it in here at night
my dads watch.. (r.i.p)
my tools; for fixing pc's
boxes in case of rma.
2 psu's
2 3dfx cards
2 agp cards and 1 pciex card
several empty mini bottles of various alcohol types
a magic 8ball
Jack Daniels Cup
1 router
I also share the room with a cranky cat.. dish in corner and his scratch post
and magazines; CPU, hotrodder. Maxim and other ones
There is a few more things...

I dont have space for all this I have to build shelves, which I dont have time to...


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