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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Phobia View Post

my desk now. unfortunately, my samsung is off cause of my 9800gx2 doesn't support dual monitors. the 17" is for my 2nd pc which is an e6600 and right now 8600gt, but im putting in either my 8800gts or 9600 GT unsure of which one to put in yet. :P my xbox 360 goes up on that shelf where that red cup is, but my brother is borrowing it for now.

my new tvs temporary position. If i can't get a dual monitor setup, i'm really tempted to put it on my desk to replace my 2 22"s. However, 40" is pretty big to look at a foot away :P

Nice! MM case. Hey quick question for ya.. how did you mounted the 120mm fans? I've got a few Yate loons with the corner screws.. But there's no threads in the actual case. What did you use?
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