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My System Specs


Ok. I'm writing this while still at work. Some (bad) news:

1- I just can't find a freakin' Report in this Company. My Engineer remembers seeing a M&P Report about RTV157 being tested down to -95C, with success. Now, were is that Report? He's looking for it. But since RTV157 is dirt cheap (you can buy it at Canadian Tire - same stuff), I would recommend to test it using that dead-cold iso for a few cycles. Just make sure it's fully cured. And since that iso will be dead-cold, see point 2...

2- I (again) explained what you wanted to do. His question: the board will be located in an enclosure filled with that iso, right? And that PCB is made of multi-layered fiberglass, if I'm not mistaken. The fiberglass can handle the cold and the iso no problem he says, but the resin resistance to cold and iso is another story... with time, the resin will degrade to the point of cracking the fiberglass. He said that since a test of that RTV is needed to confirm its resistance down to -95C, why not test a PCB at the same time?

3- Iso should not be a problem for that RTV.
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