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So how the **** come he is allowed to write such articles ? Ok you can't get into trouble for posting FACTS about a company even if it causes them problems - BUT if what he writes is non factual there is grounds for legal action - why hasn't NVIDIA done anything ? Why the **** has nVidia not been specific about what the problem is and what chipsets are affected, claiming only notebooks are affected and SOME desktop GPUs ?? what's this $200 million writeoff so they can take care of returns/replacement ? what about the countless and increasing posts on their forums about overhating problems, defective cards, crashing, and people's GPUs going over 100 in minutes ? Not saying the article is 100% fact, but there has to be some truth to it....checking testimonials on other sites sort of proves it, kind of, unless there is a major conspiracy from ATI fanboys to rule the world ;)
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