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Well you might have a failing chip and not know it - Now is it enough to just run tesets on your GPU or does the failure happen over time - I ran my 8800GT through 3 hours of Fur testing, full load on GPU full load on both cores, the temps were never above 80ish, 84 in extreme, using auto fan - so I guess i'm good right ? The failing GPUs would quickly rise to 100 and above if I am to understand correctly, BUT what worries me is cases where cards failed even on normal temps ! Maybe there is much more to the problem than thermal issues.

Look at what happened with Maxtor and their millions of drives returned, Seagate is eventually taking that road by the looks of things, then failing caps, failing Sony, it seems all you hear lately is failure, oh and failing XBOX360s (RROD), overheating PSus, the list goes on and on, it's not just NVIDIA....What concerns me, is that normally NVIDIA would be open in admitting - like they did with the disabled video acceleration crap they never denied the problem - but now they are being agressive about it, only makes one more suspicious that the problem is massive and could break them....
******f***ers !
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