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What's up with all the bad news this year - will I be stuck with AMD/ATI cards because of NVIDIA's impending bankrupty ? :D I have always been an NVIDIA fan because they are very quick on updating their drivers (about every 2nd day you have new leaked drivers and goodies :D) failing seagates, failing nvidia, jesus christ - whatever is left of the PC industry is going down the shit - this is only helping console sales or am I pessimistic into thinking the PC industry future is not a good one, with all this failing this failing that.
Now those with defective cards, shouldn't pay a MF cent to RMA your card, I know that if my 8800GT failed I would make damn sure they covered the shipping both ways if I have to take them to court for it -
Already NVIDIA has put aside $200 mill to cover the shit load of returns to come so yeah, I'm thinking if the problem is bigger than this, this could turn out to be very costly for NVIDIA - someone needs to get their ass fired because they KNEW about the problem and purposely kept quiet trying only to hint that the notebook GPUs are the ones affected - what a load of hot bullshit.

As far as the enquirer article, there might be some truth to it because I have known about this from an anonymous NVIDIA insider (reading), actually from reading about it, AND because of something I saw on BFG's site (a bios update for cards taht get 'hot') so there might be truth to this "story" if you check their forums you will see a crap load of posts dealing with 8800GT/GTS/GS issues.

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