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That makes sense. For things to be truly stable then stress programs need to be able to run 24/7 with no errors or crashes. This would be good for Folding now wouldn't it.. LOL. which may happen with this machine when it's not being used for other things.

We'll see if this setting sticks first. Not sure it will, but you never know. The ram isn't fast enough to run 1:1 it's only 667. Should have gone with this
when this system was built, ah well, live and learn. It'll just have to run divided, no biggie.

Now for the fun stuff... Orthos has been running for 2 hrs 26 mins as the test was progressing core1 is completing tasks faster than core2.
That is until other things were done.. as in playing online games surfing the web, now core2 has pretty much caught up core1.

Must be that core1 is used primarily and core2 is only used when needed to pick up the slack. Unless there's another explanation. Time warp? LOL!!
Orthos has now run for 12hrs 15min. :) This is a good thing. Now the next step is to try and speed up the ram and get the ratios a little better. Thinking the best course of action would be to torture test the ram in Memtest until it fails. When a speed is found that's stable does the northbridge need a voltage boost as well?
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