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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Wheezy View Post
The $50 for assembling it... as in have me pay someone $50 to do it or NCIX charges that much to assemble it?

Right now it would mainly be used on a 22" monitor (I plan on upgrading to at least 27" fairly soon), but I'd also like to be able to plug it into my 40" Samsung LCD every now and then.

What's the difference between the QX and Q? I know the QX is "extreme" but what exactly is the difference?

1) (casual) gaming , then more less-intensive stuff like Photoshop. I'd still use it for University whenever I have to write an essay or other simple stuff like that on the PC.
2) I don't plan on immediately doing that, but it's something I'd probably think about doing in the future.

Thanks for the help so far, hopefully I can find some site soon that sells the 4870 x2.
NCIX will assemble your parts and install OS for you for $50. It comes up as an option on your cart once you have case, mobo, cpu, and mem in your cart.

OK, your 22" max resolution is 1650x1050, and the max resolution on your TV is 1920x1080. A single 4870 will do very well at these resolutions. Most 27" monitors are max of 1920x1200, same as 24" so it will still do very well. And if it doesn't, then drop in another card.

The difference between the QX and the Q is an X. J/k. The extreme versions have an unlocked multiplier, handy for overclocking and keeping your memory speeds somewhat normal.

And NCIX has a very few of the 4870x2 in stock, expect them to be gone today.

If you don't plan on overclocking right away, that Rampage Formula is a waste of money. Tell you what, give me 15 minutes and I'll come back with a suggested build that will save you money and still be a screaming gamer. I'll stick with a Quad because they are very helpful in Photoshop, and Windows 7/DirectX11 which are supposed to come out next year will take more advantage of the multiple cores for gaming.
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