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Originally Posted by JerrysPCBuilds View Post
No, there is the Asus ROG Swift 27" that is 2560 x 1440
It is $1000 and (if memory serves) not IPS. There are also a LOT of QC concerns on the customer reviews around the web if you do some research.

Most people already running a 27" 1440 monitor probably have an IPS panel. The colour quality is a definite downgrade going backwards, and the price point is definitely going upwards. My opinion is that anyone already on 1440/27" is that Gsync seems like it might be a sidegrade (gain smoothness at the cost of IQ) and the loss of mucho bucks.

I'm going to wait for the market shake out with the X-Syncs, yearly price drops, etc. Hopefully this happens quickly so I can get a 27" 1440p+ IPS X-Sync for a reasonable-to-me price (<600).
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