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My System Specs



1st off, don't buy the prebuilt config like that. Buy the parts, use price compare (banner at top of page) and price match (on NCIX shopping cart at checkout) and pay $50 to have it assembled and OS installed if you're not comfortable doing that. I bet that same system would cost $300-400 less.

1. No. The difference in speed between DDR2 and DDR3 is not worth the extra money unless you are benchmarking or simply want THE fastest machine out there.

2.See #1. But that's a nice mobo you've listed. Overpriced though. I found it for $385.

3. Zalman coolers are overpriced and overrated IMO. See review for OCZ Vendetta 2 on this site, or TRUE Black if you want to spend money. Watercooling is for overclocking, or reducing fan noise. 95% overclocking.

4. 4870x2 released today. ATI is where it's at this week, bang for the buck. But what size monitor are you planning to run on? Don't waste your money on dual top of the line cards unless you've got like a 27 or 30" monitor running at 2500x1600. You won't be able to tell the difference between 300 and 400 FPS on CounterStrike on a 22" monitor. What I'm trying to say is, plan your build around your desired gaming resolution.

Edit: Also the QX9650 is end of line, being discontinued. You will be able to get the Q9650, same speed, for about $600 in a couple of weeks.
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