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Default New Gaming PC

Hey guys, just stumbled upon this website earlier today while looking at info for a potential GFX card for my new PC. Just thought I'd post here to see if anyone could shed some light on potentially good/bad parts for a new PC I was building. I was building a PC on (using their PC builder -- still not sure if they ship you a built computer, or if they ship you the parts and you assemble it?), with a more-or-less budget of $3500 (of course, lower than that is still acceptable ).

This is the PC I've built, but I've got some questions regarding the parts on it.

1) Is DDR3 memory worth it? ie. Will I notice a genuine difference between 4GB of DDR2 and 4GB of DDR3 RAM?
2) If DDR3 is worth it, would I have to upgrade my motherboard to something like this, or would the board I've already selected be fine with it?
3) Is the CPU fan I selected any good? If not, what would be better? And -- is liquid cooling worth it, or is that only of use for overclocking?
4) My greatest dilemma right now is deciding on a GFX card. I was fairly set on getting dual GTX 280s, but then I found the motherboard I have selected now and I think it's quite a good one, and it only supports Crossfire. Then, as you can see, I moved over to dual HD 4870s, but after doing a bit more research I discovered that the HD 4870 x2 is supposed to be out this month, which seems like it will be able to top the performance of dual GTX 280s. Does it seem like ATI has finally topped nVidia, and I should wait around until the 4870 is out?

Thanks for all the help in advance.
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