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This is slightly off topic... I think.. lol...

Been tweeking the system for most of the day and getting very...very frustrated by the whole process... lol.. Thank goodness for the ability to boot the bios off of the support CD. Sure makes things a whole lot easier.

Managed to get to 3.199 Mhz by setting the cVolt to 1.46 and relaxing the timings on the ram to 5-5-5-15 T2 @ stock 667 the ratio is 16:15, it boots to windows just fine.

Running Orthos using Blend as this is being typed and according to Core temp the cores are going from 43C to around the 53C mark, depending on which test is working, and these temps aren't all that hot according to a lot of other sites. Here's hoping this setting works.

What is on my mind is, it's fine and dandy to OC to these settings but using it 24/7 in the real world conditions of gaming, listening to music, watching videos and so forth, is what this is all about for me. By using these benchmarking programs all that's being accomplished is to test the system for stability over a set time period.
Lets face it, in the real world, how often are the cores going to be running at 100%. So how long is long enough running these benchmarks in a practical sense? Really not going for high scores here... LOL.. just want a faster system that's pretty much stable in the real world.
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