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Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
But the Velociraptors are significantly faster than the old 74GB plattered raptors. Same goes for the 640gb drives. The 640GB drives will wipe the floor against the 7200.11 500GB.
You're right, those Velociraptors are much faster than the old raptors, now sure but as far I remembered the old raptors when they came out were the same price for a 74GB, yea this one is double the capacity too.

I agree Sir Vortex, I was first looking at the 500GB HDD's, but then looked again for a little dollar more these 640GB are more worth it, basically I was looking to RAID 2 drives, I also looked at the 1TB, but they are a little out of budget. Currently I have 4xWD250GB drives in RAID0, but tbh, now it seems to get slower, louder, and space wise, I could put 2 drives and get the same amount of performance, and use the space for maybe water cooling parts, or something.

I will try and dig a review of the Seagate and WD, if I can.
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