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My System Specs


I suppose eventually we will see all of our media going through one unit. We will be watching our movies, doing our work, checking emails, and playing games all through one machine (to a much greater extent than we are now). Multiple monitors in various rooms will be receiving signals wirelessly so one person can be working on statistics in one room while someone is watching a high-definition movie in another room from the same unit. Cable and sattelite tv will be replaced by internet-type content providers and all shows will be watched on demand. Even telephone will become a pc based service.

Computers have always been multi-purpose and much of these technologoes are currently available on pcs, while not yet mainstream, but more and more we see consoles that can perform a variety of multimedia tasks. However, with the release of playstation 2 and xbox 360 fairly recently, we aren't going to see any more major console advances for some years to come. Since people are looking for multitasking units, but have highly varied multimedia needs, the customizeable nature of the pc will make it more popular as the divide between the monitor and the tv continue to blur.

hm-- didn't mean wax poetic
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