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Originally Posted by Lima View Post
Hmm. from what I understand, I will get a boot menu to choose which OS to boot into. Now, I have not done this before so I am unsure of what the outcome will be. Will I still get the "jump through BIOS hoops" with a boot menu?
Un true. I have xp on 2 HDDs in raid 0 and vista on 2 HDDs in raid 0. I do not get a boot menu. I have to physically go into bios and change which drive i want it to boot off of. I know there are tools where you can get it to ask you when it starts to boot. However, i also heard if you don't know what you're doing, you can wreck your HDD and have to reformat. So, i just decided to go into bios when changing. However i mostly use xp pro over my vista 64 ultimate. Vista keeps crashing, and giving me the BSOD so i just got tired of it :P
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