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Originally Posted by Babrbarossa View Post
Arrgh! I've burned six CDs now- I've tried burning boot cds of .bin and .iso files, and I've tried just copying the two types of file to cd- the only time I can get anything to happen at all is when I hit alt+f2 when booting- then I end up with a a:\ prompt and nothing happens after that- sorry for being suck a noob.
LOL! Babr... Babr... What program do you sue to burn Cds ? If Nero, there is a special function that says "Burn Image To Disc" :

Click on it and browse to the Memtest86+.iso file :

And follow the steps i written above. That should do it!


Ok, so you have the .bin file on your desktop.
Use Nero and burn the .bin file using the option "Burn Image To Disc" in Nero. Browse for the Memtest86.iso file and burn it.
When done, reboot, insert the CD into your CD\DVD Rom drive while it's rebooting and go into Bios.
Then go in the boot section of the bios and set your comp to boot from your CD\DVD Rom Drive first.
Save the change in bios and it'll reboot automatically.
Once it has rebooted, actually before it starts to load Windows, You should see something like "Press any key to boot from CD..." Press any key and Memtest should start. You'll see a blue screen with options you can select with arrows and numbers on your keyboard.

Choose default tests and re-start the test\stress!

EDIT: Actually, you might need to push a button when you have rebooted to boot from CD... You know when it says "Push any bottuns to boot from CD....."

If that still doesn't work, give me your address and ill send you a bloody copy of my Memtest86 LOL!
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