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Originally Posted by Patriote View Post
I do the same when im stressing with Orthos. I leave the comp alone and just check temps from time to time.

Actually i don't know how you calculate this and don't know why your doing this calculation. Another formula for what
Rather than just guessing the FSB there are formulas to use to figure out the actual Ghz speed. As in my example, if you want your cpu to run at 4.0 Ghz just do the math, 4000/9 = 444.4 X 4 = 1777. When you put that number into the bios when you boot up and open CPUZ or what ever program to see the speed it'll show 4.0 Ghz. To get the ram at 1:1 just take the 444.4 and double it, put that number in the ram setting and voila it's done. Was just wondering if there was another formula to figure out the FSB at a X6 mulitplier.
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