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Originally Posted by NyteOwl View Post
I have dual drive/dual boot between Windows XP and Slackware Linux. The machine boots normally off the first HD (as set in BIOS) and presents a menu from the boot loader where I can select what OS I want to boot. If you don't select one in about 10-15 seconds it will boot into whatever is set as the default. If you want more in the future you can add them to the boot loader. At this point the BIOS has only loaded the bootloader so once a selection is made the loader will jump to the start of the code to load the selected OS, no "restart" necessary. I have done this in various combinations of Win98/WInXP/Linux/BSD/OS-2. I haven't tried it with Vista yet so I can;t speak to how well behaved its bootloader is.
That method works with vista as well. But with vista I found it easier to just use the bootloader that comes with it. I had a hell of a time with trying to us a Linux bootloader, plus after you selected vista in the other bootloader it would only load Vista's bootloader. So it was completely redundent, easier to just use the Vista one. As long as the Vista drive is the first drive set to boot in the BIOS you will be fine. Once you are into the Vista bootloader (or any bootloader for that matter) it doesn't matter where your other OSes are. The bootloader just tells your system which partition to boot from, it doesn't matter which drive it is on.

I currently have Vista and XP on the same drive (differnet partitions) but when I was first trying Vista RC1 I had it on a complete seperate drive and had no issues.
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