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My System Specs


Originally Posted by MacJunky View Post
Why not just slap a bootloadter onto a small USB flash drive, connect it to one of the case's internal USB connections or something then have that set as your boot device that you use to select the other HDDs? That way you could easily swap the real HDDs in and out and such and if the HDD with your bootloader failed you would still have an easy time with the other HDD and replacement?
I know that messing about with an HDD that had a bootloader and OS on it pissed me off a while back so now I just use the boot device selector thingy by pressing F8 at boot.

I dunno.
This sounds interesting. All I' d have to do is install it onto a USB flash drive, set it to boot from USB in BIOS, plug it in and reboot? No configuring?

Using that method or the F8 one, must I install each OS on each HDD one at a time? Meaning, plugging one HDD at a time, installing the chosen OS onto it and then plugging them all onto the motherboard.

He he, aside from that, I got all my Operating systems and drives ready. I found the drives locally, not only was I able to get the exact part number I wanted, the drives were cheaper as well. If anyone is interested, - Canada's source for Computers, Laptops, Parts, & More! .
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