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Thanks for all the help and info.

Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
I run Orthos while I am surfing the web and listening to music and so forth. I like to torture test my PC to the max to make sure it is 100% stable. You should be able to do everything you normally do while Orthos is running in the background. Lockups are almost always CPU voltage related while crashes are almost always memory related.
Did this at first too, but thought it affected the test, so instead just let Orthos running and walked away from the comp... that is after checking to see the temps were ok.

Going to set the ram to stock and play around with the FSB and see how far it will go on air before instability.

Originally Posted by Patriote View Post
To find whats your max FSB : Drop your CPU multi at 6x, set the default voltage on your CPU (This can be found by opening coretemp and having a look at your VID. The voltage indicated after VID is your stock CPU voltage.) and raise the FSB! You might want to play with the Northbridge voltage as well to be able to reach high FSBs. But be careful! This can damage your NB depending on what cooling you have on it.
The formula that I'm using is CPU MHZ = X/9*4 which tells me what to set the bios too.

Example 3.1Ghz is 3100/9 = 344.4*4 = 1377 is the number the FSB is entered in the bios

For the ram I just double the 344.4 to give me a 1:1 ratio

Is there another formula used that is easier?
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