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Default Problem trying to get 'Read Only' file not Read only!

I have a game and my disc is getting badly damaged and I am trying to apply a No DVD Crack so I don't have to put the disk in every time I want to play it. But It says "make sure disk is not write protected or full Blah Blah" Every time I try to copy the Crack to the proper directory. So I went into Properties of Said folder and it is it 'Read Only', So I click it so it is not Read only anymore, Hit apply. Then As soon as I open it again it is "Read Only" Again. What can I do to bypass this problem.
I am running Win XP 32 Bit BTW.
Please help me as I don't want to have to replace this disc again. I have not had this problem doing this to other games, So why this one?
Thank you
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