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ahaha, We just launched the site and we are all vancouver/lowermainlanders, so all the info on there so far is for this area. I will start to scour the other lanparty sites to find lans in Canada and start partnerships with them. But it looks like one of the local distributes for bawls is interested in joining the site allowing easy access to bawls for anyone in BC/AB and i will get in touch with the distributors in Ontario as well for the eastern side of things. The group here in bc is actually two guy that are willing to come out to lager events (150~200+) and run a bawl bar for the event, taking a good chunk of work off then lan organizers plate. there are also a few sections that need to be added to the site. Please feel free to give us suggestions, ideas and criticism as it will help us to grow the site. (my inability to spell dose not count as a valid issue)
Lower MainLAN is our large scale annual lanparty
Lower MainLAN 250 People May 17th - 18th 2009
Anime Evolution LAN 2 is a popular Add on to The annual anime con Anime Evolution. This year there will be over 7000 people at the new Vancouver convention center.
LAN 100 PC, 80 console
CapLAN is the longest running lanparty in Vancouver. Its a frequent casual lan hosted at Capilano University.
CapLAN 17 80 People TBA (September 2009)
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