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Default Budget Gaming Build

I'm planning on building a rig including a 22IN monitor for $1000 or less before taxes, MIRs, and environmental/recycling fees. I don't need a HDD, OS, DVD drive, or sound card. I'll be ordering everything from NCIX, and price matching whenever possible. Right now I'm strongly leaning towards a 4850, E8400, and CM 690. So far I'm thinking of right now:

CPU: E8400 : $169.99
Video Card: Diamond 4850 : $169.99
Case: CM 690 : $71.28
PSU: 500w OCZ StealthXStream : $57.75 before $20 MIR
Monitor: Samsung 2253bw: 269.99 (+$14 for express coverage)
At $753 without ram or a mobo.
Anyone care to critique my current build? or suggest a mobo and 2gb of ram?
I won't need a xfire board, or more than a few pci slots. And I'm only planning on doing a light OC on the e8400.

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