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CPU => 679 cb
CPU(Single Core) => 176 cb

Running Time => 5m 28s
x264 FHD Benchmark => 25.6

PCMARK7 - 5208

These are 4690K stable performance capabilities of Intel code-named Devil's Canyon in the air-cooled ultra frequency.
Using mid-level tower-type cooler, and ultra frequency to 4.5GHz can pass by the above various heavyweight test software.
If using a high-order air-cooled or water-cooled radiator, you will have the opportunity to achieve more stable ultra frequency environment 4.6GHz
If for the only limit to pursue the case, that is, into the desktop stroll, ultra frequency to 4.7Ghz or more is not a problem.
Intel Core i5-4690K ultra frequency ability should be even better than the majority of 4670K, but still have to follow the constitution and the radiator.

DRAM Bandwidth Test
ADIA64 Memory Read - 34232 MB/s
Sandra Memory Bandwidth - 31461 MB/s

DDR3 bandwidth performance and ultra frequency ability is still the architectural advantages of this generation Intel Haswell.
The last generation Ivy Bridge architecture enables stable operation of only about 2666 to about 2400.
With the Haswell Refresh platform, you can also have high bandwidth like the last generation.
DDR3 ultra frequency ability with physique if strong enough, you have a great opportunity to overclock to 2800 to 3000.
Meanwhile pulse bandwidth DDR3 LGA 1155 platform is also much higher than about 13 to 27%.
Whether Haswell or Haswell Refresh is better in DDR3 table, if you want to pursue higher clock or bandwidth performance,
you may have to wait until next year a new platform for the next generation DDR4

Temperature performance (temperature about 30 degrees)
4670K operates IntelBurn Test to allow CPU to full speed operation time - 75 to 86

4790K operates IntelBurn Test to allow CPU to full speed operation time - 68~76

Rumored on the Internet earlier the new codes in Devil's Canyon CPU cooling material aspects have made changes
These two 4670K and 4690K above full test pattern appears telling the truth.
4690K 4670K minimum temperature lower than 7 degrees, the maximum temperature is low.
About 10 degrees
For those who prefer a lower temperature or extreme overclocking users, it will be profitable.

1 price a little higher than the entry Z97, , specifications of materials are close to the other brands of Z97 MB on the market
2 In addition to audio capacitors, all are using solid capacitors, with built-in Power / Reset buttons and debug LED lights
3 With good visual sense of the new UEFI interface, boot and set are very quick.
4 With built-in audio using better nonpolarized capacitors, headset also has exclusive Amplifier
5 major power reached 10, most of only 4 to 6 powered in this price Z97 design
6.Dual GbE network chip, supports Teaming technology, and the highest network bandwidth is up to 2G

1 At present, Taiwan has not yet BIOSTAR sales channels
2 built-in audio hole is better to use gold-plated material
3 If we can support SLI technology, that will contribute to the effectiveness of Gaming Environment

Performance ratio ★★★★★★★★ ☆☆ 80/100
Material than ★★★★★★★★ ☆☆ 82/100
Specifications than ★★★★★★★★ ☆☆ 82/100
Appearance than ★★★★★★★★ ☆☆ 83/100
Cost ★★★★★★★★★ ☆ 86/100

We experienced one of Intel's two Devil's Canyon CPU which is Core i5-4690K.
It has a satisfactory performance in temperature, and then in the future we will use more higher-level radiator to test the limit for the higher Devil's
This time for Canyon, Intel also introduced the new product Logo, it looks nice and with very distinctive features.
I think consumers should be very interested. with Intel 20 anniversary's Pentium G3258 CPU with no locked frequency.
I remember in 2010, I madel air-cooled ultra frequency of the Core i5-661 2C4T to 5G

I hope Inte Pentium G3258 will have better performance in windwithme's ulta frequency tests in the future !
BIOSTAR Hi-Fi Z97WE's price in the United States is about 125 dollars, converted into NT about 3700 yuan.
And WE is the abbreviation for Wonderful
Enhanced, which looks pretty good in one-sided meaning
But if changing it into the abbreviation WWE World League, I think consumers will be even more impressive.
In this price and specifications, Hi-Fi Z97WE really quite values, and performance and materials are all above average

But it is better that another version of the Z97 version can be launched using gold-plated audio jack, to support Samrt Ear 3D software.
And it can support dual SLI technology, or equipped with ALC 1150 sound chip, to reduce 5-phase power and supply network with a single chip.. .
The price can be reduce in less 150 US dollars, That will be good. And it also provides another affordable choices with high specifications.
Finally, i still hope to launch Gaming MB BIOSTAR for market competition like other MB brands :)

This review is also in my blog. WIND3C, any comments are welcome.
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