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The left upper of Motherboard
Both sides of the CPU power has strengthened passive cooling module
Z97WE is designed for 10 phase power , the top is for the power input for 8PIN

1 X PS / 2 keyboard
1 X D-Sub / DVI-D / HDMI
2 X USB 2.0 (Black)
4 X USB 3.0 (blue)
2 X RJ-45 network hole
6 X Audio sound jack

The heat sink shape and design of Z97WE in Z97 chipset are quite nice

For M.2 new specifications with a lot of exposure in the next generation Z97 of the board area, its advantage is the maximum bandwidth can reach up to 1000 MB / s.
PCI-Express M.2 is also much higher than SATA3's current maximum bandwidth of 600 MB / s.
M.2's drawback is that the price will be relatively high, which will take up PCI-E bandwidth,
and if there is only one device, Raid can not be done. As for in the future what position for M.2 SSD to play in the market, let the consumer to make a decision!

Two kinds of language available in English and Simplified Chinese can be switched, and in the figure are many hardware Advanced Options pages.

CPU adjustment efficiency for the home page
Fix the multiplier on 45 4690K, which is 4500M
Then close the CPU C stats energy-saving technology, and the below is the built-in GPU's clock and Options.

DDR3 uses CORSAIR Dominator Platinum 2800C11.
After opening XMP technology, you can easily achieve a stable high-performance DDR3 2800.

The lower half of the page is for more advanced DRAM Options.

Voltage page
The CPU Apaptive Voltage Target designated as 1.23V.
After providing stable voltage 4.5GHz, CPU voltage becomes 1.248V on the left to display.

The bottom of the voltage page is for DRAM voltage because of opening XMP automatic ultra frequency technology
DDR3 is automatically set in 2800 CL11, DRAM voltage of 1.65V, and the left detected as 1.668V.
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