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Question Disappointed in the US

I am from the USA and I searched for months looking for the perfect hard drive enclosure that would meet our needs. I recently purchased a Microsonic HUR1-SU2FWB dual 3.5" HDD USB2 & 1394A A & B SATA Hard Drive enclosure. It appears that I did not search long enough and I did not find the perfect enclosure.
Initially we had a Windows XP based machine. That machine failed and the vendor supplied a replacement machine. The previous machine had two 320 GIG hard drives in a RAID 0 (stripped) configuration. There was lots of data on both drives. We retained both drives from the previous machine to be used in a hard drive enclosure.
The replacement machine is another Windows XP based machine. This machine also has two 320 GIG hard drives but are configured as a RAID 1 (Mirrored). We attached the new enclosure to the replacement machine. After powering up the two previous 320 GIG hard drives we have experienced several issues with the two previous hard drives / enclosure. I am hoping that someone will be able to provide some information. On the packaging of the device purchased it states "Please visit out website for user manual" I have been all over that URL and have not found ANY documentation.
The only documentation that I have found has been on the Hardware Canucks URL. Has anyone found a user manual? When the two previous hard drives are powered up they appear as one device, That one device
is listed as not being formatted. The new enclosure jumpers are defaulted to single hard drives. Why do I only see one device and that device needs formatted? What happened to all of my data? I realize that with an external storage device the PC would slow down. However, the once quick
PC is now a dog once the external hard drive enclosure is powered up. I am confused. Has anyone had any experiences with this product and if so do you have any suggestions? I paid big bucks for a device that, in no way, lives up to it's published potentional.
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