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Question Question about Orthos and Memtest86

Decided to try and run Orthos for the recommended 8 hrs to test stability. Using the system in my sig.

The processor is at 3.1ghz with a X9 multiplier and the FSB is at 1400. All the voltages are set to auto. Is setting the voltages to auto a bad thing? and if it is what should the voltages be set too?

Earlier the ram was tested using Memtest86 burned to a CD. The timings are 4-4-4-12-2T Bank Cycle Time 20 @ auto voltage and set in the bios to 700 to achieve the 1:1 ratio. Memtest ran for 3 passes on std test with no errors. Was this long enough? and 700 too high for 667 rated ram.

The temps never went higher than 51C according to Core Temp and Asus Probe said 46C all the time... lol. Probe also listed the cVolt at 1.34 throughout the run.

Here's the weird thing. Orthos ran 5 hrs 54 mins before the system hung and needed a reset, which BTW is the longest that it's ran so far The weird part was at about the 4 hour mark the core2 was running tests faster than core1. Yet when it was first started the core was running both tests at the same time. When the system did hang core2 was at test 5 and core1 was at test 3, and it had been this way for almost 2 hours. Any idea why this happened? or is this the reason for Orthos hanging the system. Is it possible to fix this? Or should another program be used to stress the CPU. If so, which one. Can't use TaT won't work on this MB.
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