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My System Specs


I have a MBP at work as well, though I simply cannot get used to OSX. Maybe if I used it exclusively for a month I'd get used to it. But at the end of the day, our workplace runs on Microsoft products, not Apple, so that'll be what I stick to until such a time that changes.

It seems very heavy on keyboard commands/shortcuts compared to Windows. You can click around to all the same options, but it seems to be much slower. I guess a non-Windows user might say the same thing though...

I will say, DPI scaling is something Apple has done right. On the "retina" display, everything looks gorgeous. On my Surface Pro 3 (when I use scaling), most things end up super blurry and (to me) unusable. And the things that scale properly (so they aren't blurry) just don't look the way I'd expect. Still seems out of proportion.

However, this thread was about the Mac Pro desktop... I take it nobody has gotten one of these? We apparently have 2 at work, but they went straight to the users. I'll have to snag a "support" unit eventually ;)
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