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rjbarker, welcome to the Apple world!

I made the switch to Apple a few years ago for similar reasons to you and it has grown on me. I needed a laptop that would last a solid 7 hrs on a charge for all my back-to-back meetings. I was using a Lenovo at the time with back up battery cells and my briefcase was weighting a ton. A young lady who was in a number of my meeting just used her MBP all day on a single charge, so I bought one to do the same. Well it didn't take long for this die-hard Windows user to fall in love with OSX.

Over the years I have phased out all my PC's and only use Apple products now. When I have to use Windows at the office, I always feel like I have stepped back in time, I just find OSX to be more comprehensive, robust, and easier to use. Mind you, I think I am one of the only people on this forum who thinks this way.

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