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My System Specs


Evidently not a lot of Mac users here ;) ......I can understand worries there....BUT...I can say I love this Mac Book Pro so far....the OSX is as "Mac intuitive" as it was back in 1994 when I last used the Mac OS...not including my Iphone of course..... :)
Even have played a little Batman Arkham City, Bioshock and Borderlands 2 no problems...turn the settings down of course but very impressed for an Integrated Graphics solution ( Intel Iris)...,,,,simply install Steam......if you already have a Steam Account...just install Steam as per normal......sign in under your regular Steam Account and BOOM..all games you purchased that are also Mac OS compatible will automatically show my case total 55 games in my account and 24 show up as "Mac Apple"...awesome!!!!!...just download em and away you go !!

...I5 @ 2.4 Ghz....8GB 1600 Mhz RAM....256 GB SSD Drive.....this little rMBP is snappy!!!!
Also got the discount on MS Office Home n Business ($200 ) the migration of all my work stuff, including Outlook was painless moving over to Apple ;)
Got all of my Work Documents, Contacts, emails going back to 2005...I know!!!) n music and still have 170GB space available...including Steam and 4 Games .....a little Drive Management is all that is required ;)
Highly recommend this little "Laptop".....fvck...1600P too !!!!....on 13.3"...but scaled just right ....expensive for sure...but would have had to spend about $300 more for an equivalent Notebook with SSD and better GPU solution (nvidia GTX 870M) going Windows route...biggest turn off for me going that route is having to digest W OS 8..and once again pack around a 9lb Notebook...this thing is 3.5lbs !!!!
...I really want to skip W OS8..... ....would rather learn MAC OSX .....then pick up Windows again at Windows 9 or X.for a Notebook.......8 is a flop really ( like Vista ) and not worth putting any effort into learning..imo


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