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My System Specs


^^^^ My 5 yr old Asus with I7 and GTX260M just suffered a major GPU melt've always wanted to completely disassemble my Asus Notebook (knowing it was destined for the scrapyard)....did just that :) .....then all pieces into a bag and to the dump....was satisfied getting just about 5 yrs out of it considering all the gaming I did on it and how bloody hot the 260M ran at (90'sc gaming and 70c idle desktop)....

Anyhow, not into monster 9lb Notebooks so picked up a MBP 13" I5 2.4 Ghz 8MB RAM and 256 GB SSD....the thing is amazingly quick and the Intel Iris Graphics even allows a certain level of gaming (enough for my portable needs anyhow).....the thing weighs 3.5 lbs and has an incredibly tiny footprint at about 3/4" thick ....2560 x 1600p Res is gorgeous!!!

As for the "what no HD" ?.....even my Asus Notebook I took out both HDD's and replaced with an Intel 80GB and OCZ Vertex II a total of 200GB...lasted me almost 5yrs, being leery of how much and what I store...simple really and a 1TB Portable drive for "lots of stuff".......with a little Drive Management Savvy....its a non issue, although I wouldnt settle for the 128 GB SSD version.

Apparantly mine is the "late 2013 version" with 2 x 4GB RAM.....I've read conflicting reviews on whether its upgradeable to 2 x 8GB...some say yes "late 2013 model is"....some say only prior to purchasing......can anyone confirm?

This is my new toy.....the last Mac I owned was a Performa AIO back in 1994 ;) A little rusty with Mac OS X, but certainly intuitive.

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